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Isotonix® Isochrome
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Single Bottle (90 Servings)
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by Anonymous

Sayonara sugar cravings.

I don't crave sugar cravings as much anymore. Helps promote a healthy blood sugar. I used it when i did the TLS Weight Solution. Love it! Have it before dinner. Say sayonara to those sugar cravings. Live a more healthy lifestyle



Shop Consultant
Great energy and immune booster!

I've been taking this product for a couple of years and have seen significant improvement in my energy level. My cholesterol and blood sugar level has also seen great improvement. I used to feel tired all the time and after taking this with Isotonic OPC-3. I experienced a better general well being than before. No longer suffer from the cold and hay fever as often as before and even if I've a cold it recovers quickly when i dose up. Besides it taste good and is easy to take. Best of all is the fast delivery and absorption rate so no nutrients are lost or wasted.


by CharmaineK

Bye bye sugar cravings

Love this product! My sugar cravings are few and far between since taking this :) I feel much more in control of my cravings!



Shop Consultant
Product Review

Great product


by AngelaL

Shop Consultant
Curb my craving & good for sugar level maintenance

I’ve been taking the Isotonix Isochrome for a couple of years now. It tastes great and helps me with my craving. Also great to use during TLS 21 days challenge! Love it.